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Simon & Elaine:

Simon and elaine met while admiring eachother from afar when they both lived in Central London. It was September 1998, Elaine was studying psychology in Middlesex University as well as working in a residential nursing home and Simon was a Community Outreach Worker with Haringey Borough Council based in Finsbury Park.

After much flirting Simon eventually asked Elaine out to the cinema during October 98. This date was a success although they never actually got to the cinema as they got waylaid in The Liberties - a well known Irish Pub in Camden Town that Simon had been rumoured to frequent.

Much dating occurred including one such date where they headed to see the Christmas tree donated annually by the Norwegian Government. It was at this time that Elaine discovered something very important about Simon, he has absolutely no sense of direction, after much persuasion, Simon eventually acquiesced and allowed Elaine to take the lead and they found their way to Trafalgar square. Simon could always find his way to the pub though and took ELaine there afterwards, it was The Lamb and Flag in Covent Garden and his navagation system kicked in quickly.

Pre Christmas 98 Simon asked Elaine in bed one morning "would you marry me" with the emphasis on the word 'would' speaking hypothetically, ELaine took it literally and replied.. No, although inside she was saying yes yes yes. Still today there is a long standing debate as to whether he was asking that question generally or whether he actually meant "will you marry me". That Christmas Simon spent it with friends in Devon, ELaine spent it with her family, also in Devon. Both travelled down on the train together, Elaine left Simon off at Tiverton and she carried on to Plymouth. On Boxing day ELaine headed back to Tiverton to spend a couple of days there before they both travelled back to LOndon for New year.

Simon and his house mates threw a New years Eve house party, many of their friends came and they partied into the small hours of the morning, it was then that Elaine first met Simon's older brother Paul who was very well received by the assorted party goers of W1.

As the new year progressed Simon reached a life changing decision he decided to lose a load of weight grow some hair and move back to Ireland, he barely managed to achieve one of those goals - moving back to Ireland. Elaine was very upset that he was planning to move back. A long distance relationship followed and in November 2001 she took the plunge and moved over to Ireland.

She settled into Dublin life and Simon's family, got a job and became an 'honorary paddy' Then on the 13th January 2004 Simon proposed to Elaine. It happend after Simon's nieces 2nd birthday. At Lene's birthday party Simon watched on as Elaine got down with the kids and thought, "she is kinda cool, I better snap her up" So after the party Simon in traditional style popped the question on the number 45 bus! Elaine was estatic shouting yes yes and yes.

There was an engagement party in Sandycove to celebrate and Simons' Mum Silvia organised and hosted a great do on a summery day, Elaines' Mum Gisela came over from England to join in the festivities as did Lindsay and Kate - the beautiful bridesmaids!

Hoidaying in Sardinia again this year, on the lovely little island of Isola de San Pietro where Paul and Alessia have been so welcoming to them prompted ELaine to ask as to whether a wedding in Sardinia should be the way to go. Simon initially was reluctant however, when Irish Mum Silvia suggested it herself, Simon reconsidered. Sure he was not going into battle against his Mum as well as Elaine.

So there you have it, the rest is history, and if you are reading this, then you have obviously been invited to the wedding of the year.

Enjoy your time with us on St Peters Island.

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